Early Readers


The Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Word Stories  introduce readers to the 40 “service words” on the Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Word List. There are a total of 14 stories. Ten stories introduce new words and the other four stories reinforce words the reader has already learned.

Each book in this series introduces four sight words, tells a story that includes each sight word at least three times, and then reinforces the learning through review activities. The complete list of books, together with the sight words introduced in each, is below.

Book Title–(Sight Words)
1. Dan and the Cat–(the, to, and, a)
2. The Wet Hen–(I, you, it, in)
3. The Lost Lid–(not, for, up, look)
4. Dog and Fox–(is, we, can, run)
5. Pup in a Cup–(go, little, see, said)
6. The Box–(review)
7. The Bus Stop–(review)
8. The Hats–(one, my, me, big)
9. The Web–(come, blue, red, where)
10. Gran and Pig Bake–(jump, away, here, help)
11. Jon and Jan in a Band–(make, yellow, two, play)
12. Three Funny Bunnies–(down, find, three, funny)
13. Hide and Seek–(review)
14. Ten Little Hats–(review)

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