Update for On the Bottom of My Shoe Kickstarter Project


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Progress updates:

I’ve developed a frame story to show what Ally is doing when she discovers the individual letters on the bottom of her shoe. This provides a framework for the illustrations and adds an additional element to the story structure.

I’ve chosen which art medium best portrays how I envision Ally and the story–colored pencil. I completed a number of illustrations two different ways and will upload both options to my desktop publishing software to determine which one works best on the page.

I’ve completed illustrations of Ally’s teddy bear and an initial sketch of Grandma.

This week I will create a more concrete layout for the storyboard and will draw most, if not all, of the remaining initial sketches for On the Bottom of My Shoe.

Thank you again for being part of this project. I enjoy sharing Ally’s story with you.

Kind regards, Bernice

On the Bottom of My Shoe Kickstarter Project!

On the Bottom of My Shoe Kickstarter Pic


It all began with a girl, a shoe, and a pile of letters.

When Ally saw a letter stuck on the bottom of her shoe, she was surprised. When she found another letter . . . and another letter . . . and another one, she was REALLY surprised. Where had the letters come from? Could her baby brother, Jason, be involved?

Most importantly, were the letters trying to tell her something?


I’m excited to share my next book project with you! Click on the photograph above to find out more about On the Bottom of My Shoe, and about how you can help donate books to libraries and to high risk children!

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When do I pay the amount I pledged?

Pledges are not processed until the funding period ends, and they are ONLY processed if the funding goal has been met. Pledges for On the Bottom of My Shoe will be processed after 9:00 pm on September 5th, 2014 if the project is fully funded.

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Other Questions?

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If you have any other questions, please ask. And don’t forget to check out my Kickstarter project for On the Bottom of My Shoe!