This is the Book

About This is the Book:

When a crook steals the royal cookbook, the cook must try to rescue it before the book is lost forever.

In this humorous cumulative story, each four-line stanza begins with one line and builds to four lines. Especially designed for beginning or struggling readers, this rhyming story focuses on the –ook word family and aids in learning through repetition, predictable text, and engaging enrichment activities. 

This is the Book is the first book in the Bite-Size Books for Beginning Readers series. Bite-Size Books for Beginning Readers contain simple stories with carefully selected text, along with enrichment sections at the end. This helps beginning or struggling readers to successfully read an entire story and engage in reinforcement activities during a limited time frame. 

This is the Book is available in paperback and as an e-book

Ask for it at your local independent bookstore, order it online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or request an autographed copy by contacting the author.

Download free printable worksheets that correspond to This is the Book here: