How Many Blog Posts Would a Blog Poster Post if a Blog Poster Would Post Posts?

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In looking back over my blog thus far, it seems a little, well, boring. Mostly just “newsy” updates on writing projects.


I want to blog more, but there are so many rules to follow to do a blog “right.” And for me to learn to write according to those rules would take time, and would siphon time and energy from the fun, creative playground that words and stories are supposed to be.

I love to write. I love to share things I’ve learned that may help other writers (or others with dreams they are following or want to follow). There are times I want to post a “dear diary” entry, or share about something that’s worked for me–or hasn’t worked for me–in writing. There are times I want to be spontaneous and share a fun little “ditty,” or artwork or a photograph. Or a scene in a story I’m working on. But I haven’t because most of it doesn’t fit in the parameters of what a blog “should” be.

So this is what I have decided. For blogging to work, I have to do it my way. Yes, I hope that it provides value for anyone who wants to stop by and read it. But in the end, this blog is my blog and I’m writing it for myself as much as anything or anyone else.

I CAN promise three things: posts on my blog will be varied, real, and erratic. That’s the story of my life on a daily basis, so I guess it makes sense for my blog posts to be a reflection of reality.

So, how many blog posts would a blog poster post if a blog poster would post posts? Check back in with me next year, and let’s find out!


2 Replies to “How Many Blog Posts Would a Blog Poster Post if a Blog Poster Would Post Posts?”

  1. If my opinion interests you even the least bit then by golly, here goes; I have never written a blog, nor have I ever even entertained the slightest twitch of a desire to write a blog. I have, however read my fair share of them, and found there to be a plethora of blogging styles. Personally, my favorites have generally been those that have been the honest, free and often comically disorganized rants of the uninhibited blogger. I am certain there are those who would side with me as well as those who would disagree, possibly for no other reason than simple disagreement. The point withstanding being that there certainly appears to be no industry standard for blogging, so I say as long as you are having fun with it, you are succeeding!

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