Squirrels and Birds and Pride and Prejudice–Oh My!

 I recently filled our squirrel-resistant bird feeder to entice the local overwintering bird population to provide bird-watching opportunities.

I noticed the seed level was going down by a couple of inches a day–too fast for birds, unless huge flocks were constantly ordering take out.

When I let our dog out for a bathroom break one morning, I saw a squirrel hanging upside down on the cage that surrounded the birdfeeder. Either the cage isn’t very squirrel-resistant, or our squirrels are irresistible.

Anyway, the above video my teenaged son and I made captures what went through my mind afterward (although I don’t, indeed, hate squirrels).

No squirrels were harmed (emotionally, physically, or in any other way) during the creation of this video clip.

2 Replies to “Squirrels and Birds and Pride and Prejudice–Oh My!”

  1. Lol. Love that. Reminds me of my reaction last summer when I repeatedly discovered peanuts buried in my raised vegetable beds. I lost track of of how many times i had to replant my cucumbers!

    1. Too funny! Now, if only we could teach the squirrels to plant and nurture the things WE want planted, right? And leave the other things alone? Ah, well. I hope you were able to enjoy plenty of cucumbers, in spite of the Association of Squirrels for a Well-Stocked Tomorrow’s peanut-burying mission in your locale:-)

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