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Hi. I’m Bernice, and I write and illustrate children’s books. I love being an author and illustrator because it gives me an excuse to write, draw, read, and hang out with GREAT kids all day!

I am very passionate about writing and reading, and one of my favorite things about being an author is inspiring children to grow as readers and as learners through fun, engaging stories and interactions.

On the pages of my blog–and on my website in general–I share about my journey as a writer and illustrator. I also share videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses at characters or stories I’m working on, and free resources that correspond to my books or to reading or writing in general.

I invite you to come on in. Explore the pages on my website. And may you always, always be able to discover wonder in life’s simpleĀ treasures.

Find out more about me on theĀ About Me page.

Find out more about my books and educational resources on the My Books tab. The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe and other Torn-Up Tales is a great place to start.