The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe and Other Torn-Up Tales

About the Book:

Once upon a time, a group of writers tore a handful of tales into teeny, tiny pieces. They added tidbits of history, snippets of dreams, and scraps of imagination. Then they assembled the pieces to create brand new tales. These torn-up tales can be found within the pages of this book.

The Girl Who Lived in a Shoe and other Torn-Up Tales will be released on November 6, 2020. Ask for it at your local bookstore, or order it via IndieBound. The paperback and ebook versions are also available at Amazon.

About the Authors:

Bernice Seward dreams of living in a giant boot on the edge of a mysterious forest. For now, she lives in northern Idaho with her husband and their two youngest children, along with a dog named Mini Caramel Latte and a cat named Maggie Skittles Seward. You can find out more about Bernice and her work at

Michele Rietz prefers chocolate chip cookies to frog eye cookies, can’t wait to try goat yoga, and will happily tell a tale to anyone who will listen (including grumpy trolls). She lives in Lewiston, Idaho, with her husband and dog because all of her little trolls have moved to caves of their own.

Loreley Smith never leaves a (heads up) penny lying on the ground. A believer in fairies, folklore, and all things magic, she loves stories about time travel while also embracing living in the moment. Loreley previously lived in Seattle, Washington, with a view of the Space Needle outside her apartment window for inspiration. Today she lives in Spokane, Washington, where she enjoys all four seasons with her husband.

Jessie Quist: Once upon a time, a young girl liked to write stories. She was almost an old woman before she believed in herself enough to share them. Jessie lives in Washington State with her hunny bunny, a passel of kids, a shaggy animal, and the thousand invisible friends that inhabit her stories. She has a background in social work and Spanish translation. Follow her on Facebook @JessieQuistStoryteller.

Beverly Love Warren grew up in Long Island, New York. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she studied design and illustration. Today she lives in Washington State with her husband. Beverly drew inspiration for “Beau and the Belle Rose” from the dense forest near her home and the howl of coyotes on silvery moonlit nights. You can find out more about Beverly’s work at