One Yellow Flower Digital Collage

One Yellow Flower

I’ve been playing around with digital collage this week. This illustration, called One Yellow Flower, is the result of my first attempt at digital mixed media collage.

I started painting my own papers to use in collage illustrations last summer. I’ve been scanning those papers, along with pieces of fabric from some of my favorite sweaters, a pair of jeans that were wearing out, and other materials and photographed elements.

I’ve been learning and having a lot of fun. With the learning curve and the time it takes to “cut out” the different pieces by erasing around the shapes I draw so I can isolate them and add them to my “canvas” piece by piece, it would be faster to use physical paper. But this way I simply hit “undo” if something doesn’t turn out right. AND I can keep an endless supply of my favorite painted papers 🙂

I may eventually prefer one method of created collage artwork more than the other (working with digital elements versus working with physical elements). But, in the meantime, I’m loving every part of the creative process–and the endless options that collage makes possible.

Trouble Comes to Myrtle’s Beach

Myrtle’s afternoon plans are ruined when trouble, in the form of Rufus, arrives at her beach. Although Myrtle was hoping for a relaxing afternoon, Rufus is bound to have other ideas!

This illustration was created with pastels on paper, then finished digitally. 

Squirrels and Birds and Pride and Prejudice–Oh My!

 I recently filled our squirrel-resistant bird feeder to entice the local overwintering bird population to provide bird-watching opportunities.

I noticed the seed level was going down by a couple of inches a day–too fast for birds, unless huge flocks were constantly ordering take out.

When I let our dog out for a bathroom break one morning, I saw a squirrel hanging upside down on the cage that surrounded the birdfeeder. Either the cage isn’t very squirrel-resistant, or our squirrels are irresistible.

Anyway, the above video my teenaged son and I made captures what went through my mind afterward (although I don’t, indeed, hate squirrels).

No squirrels were harmed (emotionally, physically, or in any other way) during the creation of this video clip.