How to Tell if YOU are a Flip-Happy Page Turner

flip happy page turner


Have YOU ignored Marvin T. Fendersnatch’s warnings to NOT turn the pages in Do NOT Turn This Page?

If so, you will have noticed this little page, page 41, where Marvin declares that he gives up and he calls you–the illustrious reader–a “flip-happy page turner.”

“But what,” you might ask, “IS a flip-happy page turner? And how would a person know whether or not he or she was one?”

These are very good questions. They are such good questions, in fact, that I conducted a preliminary investigation into the matter.

After a good deal of research, I uncovered a number of characteristics common to persons of the “flip-happy page turner” variety. Said characteristics have been assembled into a short, painless quiz called The Official Flip-Happy Page Turner Quiz.

If you are the curious and adventurous sort, or if you dare to turn pages in a book when a purportedly fictional character warns you NOT to, then this quiz is for you.

Ready? Here’s the quiz:

Official Flip Happy Page Turner Quiz

That was super duper easy, right?

And I for one am glad to have that mystery cleared up–and to have a brand new certificate to hang on my wall:-)



Five Things You May Not Know about Do NOT Turn This Page

Do NOT Turn This Page second edition front cover


What do you really know about the book Do NOT Turn This Page?

When you read the title you can probably guess it’s a humorous story about what might happen if you turn the pages in a book when you’re told NOT to do so. You may also guess that the book is told in second person point-of-view, which makes the reader an integral part of the story.

When you look at the cover you may ascertain that this is a book for children, especially early- to mid-elementary students. (Although it appeals to a far greater audience than that 🙂 )

What are some things you might NOT know about the book?

  1. Do NOT Turn This Page is like a “crossover” between a picture book and a chapter book. The story relies heavily on the turn of the page, so different “layers” are woven throughout the book and visual clues (such as different page backgrounds) help maintain the flow and cohesion of the story. The book also includes line art and a large print, dyslexic-friendly font to appeal to early readers, reluctant readers and readers who may struggle with reading comprehension.
  2. Marvin T. Fendersnatch, the main character in the book (aside from the reader, of course), has a bit of an attitude. He throws Dictionary Definition Bricks (DDBs) at the reader every so often, uses several different languages, and throws in some history and science references to boot.
  3. At least one recognizable famous person makes an appearance (two, if you count an antlered companion as a “person”).
  4. The e-book version of Do NOT Turn This Page has extra, hidden content that can only be be discovered by “click-happy” people.
  5. This book has a protagonist and an antagonist. With two main characters–Marvin and the reader–the question is, which character is really the protagonist, and which one is the antagonist?

Curious to find out more? Be sure to grab a copy of Do NOT Turn This Page and see for yourself 🙂