Duck Helps Color Pictures

duck coloring

“You know, Duck, it’s good that I like yellow.”


“Because I color so many pictures of you.”

“I can help.”

“You want to help color pictures?”

“Yes. I like to color.”

“Okay. Here is the yellow colored pencil.”

Duck holds the colored pencil. She works hard to color. She scribbles yellow all over her tummy.

“Phew!” Duck says. “Coloring is hard work. But it is fun!”

“It sure is. Thanks for helping, Duck.”

“You’re welcome!”

Where’s Duck?


mother duck


“Duck?” Mama asked.

“Where are you, Duck? The other kids are at school, so we can work on your coloring pages now.”

Duck didn’t answer.



duck sleep


Mama walked in to Duck’s room.

Duck was curled up on the floor. Her beak was tucked under her wing.

What was Duck doing?



duck blankie


Duck was sleeping!

“Ah, my sweet little Duck,” Mama whispered. She pulled a blanket over Duck and gave her a gentle kiss. “We can work on your coloring pages another time.”



If you would like to print and color pages from Duck’s coloring book, check out the Resources page for her free coloring pages. She and Mama will post them after her nap.