Beyond the Written Page: Picture Books as Textbooks


Writers do a lot of reading! More often than not, the textbooks I learn the most from are picture books.

In this edition of Beyond the Written Page, sneak behind the scenes to find out about a project I’m working on, and a few of the picture book “textbooks” I draw inspiration and direction from.

Beyond the Written Page Introductory Video

Without further ado (and in the hopeful absence of additional technical difficulties), here is the first video for Beyond the Written Page!

You may notice  the presence of “ums” and “buts” and pauses and all sorts of imperfections in this video (and future ones).

When I decided to start this project, I knew that plenty of it would be NQP, or Not Quite Perfect. I’m okay with that. And I hope you are too. Because if I took myself or the project too seriously, I would never start it–nor would I ever get any writing done.

I made an error in the video that I DO want you to watch out for–I “quoted” an idiom incorrectly. The first person who catches my error and posts it (and the correct saying) in the comments below this blog post will win a free e-book from me!

In the video, I mentioned links to my website and to Facebook.  I learned AFTER I recorded the video that I couldn’t embed links in the description (as far as I know). My bad. However, if you’re reading this blog post, you know how to get to my website 🙂

And if you aren’t a Facebook fan of mine yet, shame on you! If you follow this link to my Facebook Fan Page, you can fix that oversight RIGHT NOW.

I can’t wait to see who catches my idiomatic mistake and wins a free e-book!

New for 2015: Beyond the Written Page Video Journal


Beyond the Written Page banner 2

Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know how to start it? Or how to finish it? Or how to try and publish it?

Have you ever wondered exactly WHAT happens behind the doors of an author’s office?

Beyond the Written Page: The Secret Life of a Children’s Author looks behind the scenes at the life of children’s author Bernice Seward (that’s me!). The thrills. The woes. The battle scars. The characters and stories brought to life. The things learned–or relearned–along the writing and publishing journey.

Want to know more? Stop by tomorrow for the first, introductory video!