Infamous Snail Trails Characters Sighted in Video!

snail trails intrepid

Breaking News:

We have just been informed that the infamous Sheldon Snail and Oscar Slug have been sighted in a video! This is THE FIRST SIGHTING EVER of the infamous friends from the forthcoming graphic novel series, Snail Trails.

Word has it that Sheldon refers to his Merriam-Webster Dictionary App to look up the meaning of the word “intrepid.” That is so like Sheldon!

Be sure to check out the video footage below. And stay tuned for further developments to this story–our photographer assures us she has been able to capture additional photos of Sheldon Snail and Oscar Slug!

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A Slug’s Story

Meet Lucky, a slug I discovered in my back yard this morning.

I’ve been drawing character sketches for the graphic novel series I’m working on, Snail Trails. Sheldon Snail and Oscar Slug’s character sketches are almost complete, and Lucky “agreed” to pose for a photo shoot as I finalize Oscar’s portrait and coloring.

The video above shows Lucky getting used to his new location–and figuring out how to escape from the photo area. (Maybe I didn’t provide enough snacks?) It’s amazing to see how much he uses both sets of tentacles to explore his environment.

This week I will post cool information on my blog about slugs and snails, as well as behind-the-scenes updates on the first Snail Trails graphic novel.

Happy Snail Trails to you, till we meet again.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite pictures from this morning’s photo shoot, along with the video in real time in case you’d like to watch Lucky’s “spectacular tentacular” moves.

maggie slug 30p
My cat Maggie meets Lucky
slug curl crop 40
Lucky mostly curled up
slug 3 inch crop 40
Lucky stretched out, making a “speedy” getaway