How Do YOU Book?

A Wild Reader, mixed media collage, by Bernice Seward

Happy Children’s Book Week! I’m here with Andrew, a young monster from the wilds of Rumpusland. He has agreed to answer a few questions from the How Do You Book? Challenge. Thank you, Andrew, for meeting with me today.

Andrew: No problem! I like talkin’ about books.

Bernice: Me, too. My first question is: What do you book?

Andrew: ‘Scuse me. Did you mean to ask “What do you do with a book?” ‘Cuz if so, I read it.

Bernice: (chuckles) Sorry about that. I should have explained. The question “What do you book?” means “What do you read?” We just treat the word “book” as an action word.

Andrew: Cool! Well, I book just about anything–but my favorite books to book are adventure stories. Right now, I’m booking about a dragon trying to rescue his princess friend from a tower.

Bernice: That sounds like a great story. My next question is: Where do you book?

Andrew: (snorts) That’s easy! Wherever I want to! See these claws?

Bernice: They’re really big!

Andrew: And they’re super good at climbing. Sometimes I put my books and lunch in my pack-a-back and shimmy to the top of a tree. Other times I climb up Rocky Snout Cliff and book by the tumbleberry bushes–they’re a little poky, but the berries are tasty.

Bernice: Wow. You book in a lot of exciting places.

Andrew: Yep! What about you?

Bernice: Me? I book in a lot of places, but none are as exciting as yours. I have booked at the ocean and while flying above the clouds, though.

Andrew: That’s okay. You do the best you can.

Bernice: Thank you. I have one final question for you today. And it is: How do you book?

Andrew: Mostly with my eyes. But sometimes Pappy books out loud, and then I close my eyes and listen so I can make a movie in my mind.

Bernice: That sounds like a lot of fun.

Andrew: It is! I really like it when Pappy books with me.

Bernice: I’m sure your pappy enjoys it, too. What I actually meant to ask with that question was what position you book in. Do you like sitting, or laying down, or maybe hanging upside down?

Andrew: Once I tried booking upside down like my friend Battilda, but that didn’t last long ‘cuz my toes lost their grip. Sometimes I stretch out on my tummy and sometimes I sit down in a sunny spot and sometimes I lean up against a tree trunk or a boulder. I just wiggle around until I get comfortable.

Bernice: Those are all great ways to book!

Andrew: I know.

Bernice: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about reading. I hope you continue to enjoy booking lots of great stories in lots of exciting places from lots of comfortable positions.

Andrew: I will. Bye!

Bernice: Goodbye.

What about you? How do YOU book? I’d love to hear about what you book, where you book, and how you book in the comment section.

Happy booking! –Bernice